Delta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc. is steadfast in its mission to transcend the traditional notions of a sorority by utilizing the power and passion of our sisterhood. This mission is put to action in every colony and chapter across the United States, creating a collective force of positive social change on both the college campus and surrounding communities. Through our commitment to service, the sisters of Delta Phi Omega reach beyond the spectrum of university life, and actively remain connected to the world around them through proactive efforts of human progress. 

While the sisters remain active in a range of philanthropic services, the Sorority’s paramount objective is to bring awareness - continual support - to an often overlooked cause: children’s education and literacy. The children of today are tomorrow's leaders, but without the skills to unlock their potential, the door to a successful future remains shut. By ensuring each child - regardless of race, religion, or creed - receives a quality education and the power to read, we give them the keys to a limitless future.

Therefore, the sisters of Delta Phi Omega are doing their part to ensure that every child is given the awesome ability to read and obtain a befitting education by educating the public on:

  • The epidemic of illiteracy 
  • Fundraising for our philanthropic partners 
  • Volunteering in literacy and educational settings 

This mission has been realized most publicly through the sorority’s annual Literacy Through Unity week, a national initiative which to date has raised over $75,000 for children’s education and literacy. This amount continues to grow each years as our sisters passionately raise money for this worthy cause. 

Delta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc. also encourages sisters to spread our volunteerism to numerous causes and non-profit organizations. The Sorority’s active role on both a national and local level has created a reputation for responsibility and an active commitment to service. In realizing these ideals, the Sorority instills the importance of altruism, community involvement, and personal growth through service in all of its members. Through all of our philanthropic efforts, the women of Delta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc. are doing our part to rise above the stereotype, and demonstrate the positive impact that a sisterhood can create, both within our organization and our world. Every year, our sisters log hunderds of hours serving their community. This is one of the most unique and steadfast abilities of Delta Phi Omega, Sorority Inc. 

Being able to read and write is fundamental to be able to function more effectively in life and participate in the transformation of a society. Illiteracy contributes to a destructive vicious cycle of poverty. It is our mission to end this cycle through children's education. Literacy is just the first step to self-determination; it is an important instrument for individual progress, social change, and is essential for continued economic growth. The most recent statistics are disheartening. The overall literacy rate in India is 65%, with a female literacy rate of 54%. The bottom line is that literacy is a fundamental human right that can foster change in poverty stricken and underprivileged areas. The eradication of widespread illiteracy is an essential requirement for promoting democracy and stepping up national and social development. With our combined efforts, together we can help advance the idea that "Knowledge is Power."