Delta Phi Omega and Your Daughter


Learn more about the benefits of becoming a sorority woman and how we mold girls into women of compassion, dignity, and fortitude.


Delta Phi Omega prepares its members to become the version of themselves. We provide a blend of opportunities in leadership, service, friendship, and scholarship to help members challenge themselves and create lifelong friendships throughout their collegiate journey. Our standards of academic excellence, personal development and responsibility inspires women to be leaders with purpose and poise.

Every sister is required to meet certain expectations of their membership. Many of these requirements are determined differently by individual chapters and colonies. Provided that sisters uphold our core values and mission, we allow them to self-govern their own chapters and colonies, including deciding what is best for each of their members. Our core requirements include a minimum GPA, dues, and hours of service completed. Sisters must regularly meet our standards to remain a member of our sorority.

While you may think Greek Life is a big commitment, it helps students grow professional skills to budget their time wisely in order to maintain their success in college. Scholarship is an important value to us, so as long as your child can budget their time wisely, activities will not take away from their academic career. We offer a variety of options to support your child in their academic life.

We understand how college can be scary for your child, especially when they are going far away. Delta Phi Omega provides a support group of friends that help to ease the adjustment by creating a home away from home.

Hazing Policy

Delta Phi Omega strictly prohibits any type of activity that produces bodily harm or danger, mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, fright, or ridicule–otherwise known as hazing. We have a zero-tolerance policy on this issue and do not take it lightly.



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