Have questions about joining Delta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc.? 

Many people tend to stereotype sororities based on what they are exposed to through popular culture. However, when it comes to Delta Phi Omega, that could not be farther from the truth.  Our school is a family in itself, but Delta Phi Omega makes your school even more like home.

Delta Phi Omega is not just any organization on our campus; it is an elite organization that turns girls into strong independent women that are academically driven and service oriented. The Sorority is unlike any other...we are truly a family and provide a home away from home.

Will joining Delta Phi Omega affect my academics?

Yes, but only positively! Academia is first and foremost the priority in college and Delta Phi Omega makes sure a high standard of good grades is held. With mandatory study hours in place, each sister and every new member are required to spend adequate amounts of time studying. The sorority also provides a huge network of active members and alumni who have gone through the same professors and classes, allowing you to frequently pass down helpful tips and study material to the younger members.

How does Delta Phi Omega give back to the community?

Delta Phi Omega's philanthropy is Children's Education and Literacy.  Through our Literacy Through Unity Week, in the past, we have raised over thousands of dollars to donate to CARE, Pratham, and Asha for Education.  Service to our community and to our philanthropy is our way of trying to give back to the less fortunate.  Throughout the years some of the service events we have been involved in include: Be the Change National Gandhi Day of Service, Relay for Life, and Literacy Through Unity Week.  We also show support for other organizations' philanthropy events in numerous ways. 

What will Delta Phi Omega do for me?

Delta Phi Omega is the fastest growing South-Asian interest Sorority in the nation.  Therefore, not only will you gain the management in college, leadership in extracurricular activities, and achieve academic excellence, but you will also have an extensive networking system you will enter into.  Sisters of Delta Phi Omega from across the nation assist other sisters with receiving internships, interviews, and much more to guide them into any career path they choose to strive for.

What principles does Delta Phi Omega stand for?

Delta Phi Omega was founded on the pillars of Friendship, Honesty, Loyalty, Sisterhood, and Respect. Each pillar is very sacred to our sisters and is the glue that bonds us all together. The experiences we have, the pillars we stand for, and the support of each sister is what makes Delta Phi Omega a family. 

What is Delta Phi Omega's policy on alcohol?

Delta Phi Omega has a very strict policy in regards to alcohol and illicit substances. The sorority does not tolerate alcohol being consumed by any of our sisters at Delta Phi Omega events or programs. Sisters are forbidden from consuming alcohol while representing our organization. Individuals who are not twenty-one years old are barred from drinking because it is against the law, and we hold every sister accountable for her actions at all events.  

What is Delta Phi Omega's policy on hazing?

Delta Phi Omega has a very strict zero tolerance policy when it comes to hazing. We take hazing extremely seriously. Every new academic year, National Council works diligintly with each school to ensure that they are up to date on all university hazing policies. Also, all schools are required to follow a strict no hazing process. 

What is a New Member Education Process?

The New Member Education Process is a time in which girls learn about the history and values of Delta Phi Omega. During this time, individuals participating in the Process are able to learn valuable skills that will help them when they become leaders on their respective college campus and in their professional lives.

What are the minimum requirements?

As Delta Phi Omega places great importance upon academics, all individuals are required to have a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.5 and higher. In addition to that, they must be enrolled full time at a university where Delta Phi Omega is a member. If Delta Phi Omega is not present at an individual's university, and they are interested in starting a Colony please contact click here.  

Do I need to be South Asian to join Delta Phi Omega?
Absolutely not! While Delta Phi Omega is a South Asian interest sorority, it is not exclusive. We are proud to be an extremely diverse organization with sisters of all ethnic and racial backgrounds. We pride ourselves of making strong female leaders.