National Conference 2016: Sunshine & Sisterhood

The Sisterhood is proud to have attended National Conference 2016, hosted by our beautiful sisters at the University of Central Florida Colony!  The sunshine and sisterhood were in full force that weekend.


Spring 2017 Recruitment

DPO in Wonderland! "Which way you ought to go depends on where you want to get to."

Contact your local charter or to find out why DPO is right for you!

"Sincerity of conviction and purity of motive will surely gain the day, and even a small minority, armed with these is surely Destined to Prevail against all Odds." 

-Swami Vivekananda

Literacy Through Unity Week 2016

Delta Phi Omega would like to thank all our charters for hosting successful Literacy Through Unity Weeks- a week-long National Initiative to promote Children's Literacy and Education; to raise awareness to the plight of poverty and lack of education and equality in underprivileged regions of the world; raise funds to combat the lack of access to education.  In addition to year-long donations to our local philanthropies, this year we raised $8865.00 for our National Beneficiary- CARE India.